Have you ever had one of those moments when you just said, “Why not?” We had that recently when we commissioned Steve Gadlin to draw a cat playing Numbers With Enemies. Not familiar with Steve? Let me fill you in on the details...

According to Mark Cuban in a Venture Beat article, “Steve is smart, creative, technical and weird.” Why did I just quote Cuban - who we’re huge fans of - in reference to this guy? 

Cuban plunked a 25 grand investment into Steve’s business, I Want to Draw a Cat for You, during an episode of the TV show, Shark Tank, in early 2012. More on the story from Venture Beat here

Steve has probably the simplest business model ever. In essence, he runs a website IWantToDrawACatForYou.com and charges $10 per cat drawing. People pay online right through the site. Although after the Cuban investment he has used the seed money to expand into t-shirts & some other complimentary products, his core business is still cat drawings (which he continues to draw by himself). 

So, we joined in the party and are now the proud owner of cat drawing #12,589. See for yourself...

The Cat Drawing Guy at work...

It all started on Twitter when Jeff randomly connected with Steve and started some dialogue. As the conversation progressed it led to this…
Thank you Steve - for the cat drawing and your quirky, lean business - for showing aspiring entrepreneurs that it doesn’t have to be complicated to start a company doing something that makes you happy. We appreciate your style! 

Keep the mojo running on high fans,

Joseph ‘mojo’ Norman

P.S. Connect with Steve on Twitter here or @catdrawingguy
Think you can beat Fox News' Gary B. Smith aka The Chartman at a game of liar's poker? 

We don't think so.

But you will get a chance to find out this Thursday May 23rd at 9am EST. 


Gary has graciously agreed to host a game of Numbers With Enemies.  If you are familiar with the game of liar's poker, our modern version will come naturally.  However, we do play 0's low and 9's high which is a little different for some veterans.  If you have never played liar's poker, here is a good summary

If you have an iPhone or iPad, simply download our free app, register, and join Gary's game Thursday morning.  Keep in mind, NWE has a 5 player maximum so only 4 spots are available.  He has agreed to stick around and host a few games so hopefully we can have more participants. 

*If you have an Android, throw it out, buy an iPhone, and follow the steps above.  We do plan on having an Android version by year end and maybe we can get Gary to play some rematches for the Android lovers out there.

Be sure to follow Gary B. on Twitter @garybsmith

    Reserve a seat at Gary's table

This week we sponsored a few twenties. Wait… what did he say? 

Well in our social media adventures we got wind of a couple of cool cats in Boston building community by stashing twenties at locales and random spots in the 617. 

What happens when someone finds a $20? They get to keep it. Free money baby! Who doesn’t love that? 

They even have a particular charity, the One Fund, they support that you can donate to when you sponsor a $20. We love creative people with a purpose. Check them out at Plenty of Twenties. Join their email club or connect with them on Facebook and Twitter if you’re in the area or just want fun updates.  
So what happened with this collaboration of midweek mojo? 

Well we got a nice shout out from them to their email club. Thanks for that Steve & Richard! Here are a few nice things they said about us…
“Thanks to Numbers With Enemies, a brand new app, we’re dishing out four twenties today. We wedged the first one outside the now closed Toosie’s Coffee Corner in Wakefield, behind the bus stop sign. The second is at the base of a flag pole outside the birthplace of John Quincy Adams in Quincy. For the third 20…

…you’ll need an iPhone or an iPad, or at least a friend with one. Download the Numbers With Enemies app and reply here with the name of one of the Presidents on the “Create Game” page. We’ll pick a random winner on Friday at 5pm. Meanwhile… happy bidding! This is a fun, classic game.” 
Why share so much about their twenties? Just hammering home the point that these guys actually stash $20s around Boston. That’s hilarious. 

Keep the feedback coming. Rolled out version 1.2 in the App store late last week for your gaming pleasure. 

Also, we’d love to hear more from you on Facebook and Twitter. We have some great stuff planned which we’ll be sharing on those two mediums in the coming month!  

Appreciate you,
Joseph “mojo” Norman

P.S. Style points to the Plenty of Twenties team because they started their email with this quote: 

“You can calculate the worth of a man by the number of his enemies…” -Gustave Flaubert

P.P.S. Remember to tweet #playnwe with your game board title. You might win something. #justsayin
As I prepared for my travels near the end of our launch week I found myself caught up in games with a few of our most active users. And, it got me thinking about some of the new features we’re working on & how much they’ll add to an already fun game. 

Why was I thinking about a chat function? Smack talk.

"You can smack talk in Numbers With Enemies?"

It was a Thursday as I recall (although, admittedly, I’m losing track of days since moving to Thailand for a month beginning this past week), when I logged into Numbers With Enemies and noticed a game posted by ‘TPupp’ for $100. 

Now just because I had part in building a game featuring simulated gambling through a mobile form of liars poker, it doesn’t mean I’m a big risk taker. In fact, from a ‘let’s go to the casino because it’s Friday night’ standpoint, I tend to avoid gambling all together. That would be a lame end to this story though…

The game was titled ‘chicken.’ 

It literally made me laugh out loud when I noticed it. Inevitably I joined in on the action, TPupp accepted my request by hitting start, and the game board went live. 

After two bids a piece and before the round ended, my mother called and I got kicked out of the game. Frustrating. On a support side note, we have found with Verizon users that it won’t run data when you’re on the phone so it kicks you out of the game. Again, another tweak we’re in the lab refining for future builds. More on that to come! 

Quickly ending the phone call (sorry mom), I log back in to NWE to find that TPupp has posted another game: ‘mojo is scared.’ 

Again I am laughing out loud as I push ‘join’ to get in on the table. Immediately he accepts my request and we’re live again. This time we go three full rounds in a few minutes and he rocked me. TPupp: 2 / Mojo: 1

After taking a net loss of $100, my risk tolerance is worn out so I opt to leave that game board and put up my own for $20. What is the title? “Like us on FB TPupp.” 

He joins the table, we trade a couple of rounds, and gain another fan on Facebook. Thanks for being part of the community, TPupp. We appreciate you.

Moral of the Story: In Numbers With Enemies, like all competition, good natured smack talk is encouraged. 

Keep the game board call outs coming,

Joseph ‘mojo’ Norman

P.S. After an evening conversation with Jeff (username: @playnwe), he told me TPupp took him for a couple rounds at $100 as well. Looks like we need to work on our liars poker skills.

Daily & Weekly Office Hours Posted

We post 'office hours' on a daily & weekly basis. Connect with us on Facebook & Twitter for up to the minute updates. 
Care of your excellent feedback, we're committed to making the game play of Numbers With Enemies as smooth as possible. So, we've put together a series of tutorial videos for you! More to come as well! 

Getting Started with Numbers With Enemies

In addition to just learning how to download the free iPhone game and get it set up, we also want to help ease the process of getting you into the game flow with your friends. 

KEY HINT: Text your friends or grab a couple co-workers, then create a public game. We've found this to be the easiest way to get a game started quickly! 

How to Create a Game in Numbers With Enemies

Burkey and I actually recorded this video above in a hotel lobby where he just had a meeting. As a special treat, you get the musical talent of the Counting Crows playing in the background as we guide you on the 'create a game' journey. 

What are some of the other things you need help with? Please reach out to us over at the support page. <<-- link to support

Look for another post soon about some of the funniest game board titles we've seen in the first week of Numbers With Enemies action. 

Appreciate you,
Joseph 'mojo' Norman

P.S. More about the founders here. <<-- about us link to find out our usernames
Numbers With Enemies logo
After 6 months of meticulous development and testing about 20 beta versions, Numbers With Enemies is now live and available on the App Store. We're pumped to bring it to life and share it with you! 

We would not have been able to pull this off without the support of our friends and friends of friends. So THANK YOU. 

Here's our take on the launch version...

We firmly believe NWE 1.0 is a solid starting point and with your help it can be even better! 

Please send any feedback, positive or negative, to us at support@PlayNWE.com. There is also a contact form on the support tab of this site. Get familiar with it. We LOVE to hear from you! :)

What kind of things can you write to us about? 

For serious business...
- Feature requests
- Feedback on current version
- Support questions

Feeling like a goof ball? Send us...
- Funny game board titles you've seen
Some early favorites we've noticed: rock star status, mojo mania, dirty ride, & bring it
- Who you'd like to see in an upcoming celebrity game (more on that to come!)
- A challenge to a vicious NWE duel against a founder

Our vision is to build at least a million user community of awesome people like you. 

We invite you to socialize with us in a few ways: 
- Here on the blog in the comments below
- On Facebook at: www.facebook.com/numberswithenemies
- On Twitter at: www.twitter.com/playnwe

Look forward to connecting with you, 

Joseph "mojo" Norman